The Sun 2 Softer than the rain.


you know when you say something 

and it’s just 

why the fuck did i say that



when i die i want to be buried wearing a pair of sunglasses so that a few decades down the line i will also be a cool skeleton

26,473 notes. 26,473 people identified with this statement. if even half that many people actually did this, can you imagine how confused future archaeologists would be


team “i wore this yesterday but i’m going to a different place so it doesn’t matter”


Men want us to kiss them with beards, suck their dicks and kiss their balls with pubes, hug them with hairy arm pits, intwine our legs with hairy thighs, but if women have one hair on our body that isn’t on our head it’s disgusting


i feel this on a personal level

New York Skyline

Ruins of Hovedøya Abbey


what a beautiful day to not be in high school

Atlantic Ocean

Yeah just drop me off right here this is good